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English language department has two courses- English I for first year students, 4 credits a week, two semesters and IELTS for Tourism for second year students of Tourism Faculty, 2 credits a week, two semesters.
There are 20 teachers- 13 full time and 7 part-time. Among the teachers of the department there are Master’s degree graduates of local and international institutions (Uzbekistan State World Languages University, Webster University) as well as teachers who studied overseas (UK, Latvia, USA). There are international teachers, who worked in several countries such as UK, Spain, USA, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and China. The staff of the department continuously works on professional development by means of participating in conferences, workshops, and online trainings.

Students are engaged in PBL (project based learning) related to their majors (designing travel brochure, creating a business plan, presenting design of a house).

During the lessons students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas; in class activities include group and pair work, reflection on video and audio materials.

The department employs modern methods and approaches in EFL to ensure high quality education for the students. Different techniques and methods are used: role plays and simulations, debates and discussions. During the English language classes not only language skills and critical thinking are developed but soft skills like collaboration or problem solving as well.

Also, English language department conducts extracurricular activities on language skills (Writing club, Movie club) and organizes English language contests.

Kasimova Dilrabo
Eldorjon Nabiyev
Tovmasyan Elina
Graeme Medd
Abuova Janar
Nabieva Mokhiba
Nagmatova Marjona
Ataniyazova Nargiz
Nodira Musakhodjaeva
Shaumarova Nargiza
Payzieva Risolatkhon
Daukaeva Sevinch
Surayyo Ibragimova
Meliyeva Sabina

For the effective organization of educational process and further improvement of a control system at YTIT Technical institute in Tashkent according to the order of the Rector of institute for No. 63 of June 12, 2019 the department of Russian language was organized.

The department of Russian Language is the main educational and scientific structural division of YTIT Technical institute in Tashkent.
The department is guided in the activity by current legislations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Korean Republic in the field of education, normative legal acts of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Charter of higher education institution, regulations, orders and orders of the dean or rector, the academic council, The head of department.
The main task of the Department is the organization and implementation at the qualitative level of teaching and educational work on training of specialists of high professional qualification, having profound theoretical and applied knowledge and competences according to educational standards; educational work among students, teachers; scientific research on a profile of the Department, preparation and retraining of research and educational personal, and increase in their qualification.
Primary activities of the Department are discussed at meetings. Work of the department is carried out according to the annual plans covering educational, scientific and methodical, research, educational and other types of works. Discussion of the course of implementation of these plans and other questions of activity of the Department is carried out regularly at faculty meetings under the chairmanship of the head with participation of the professors and hours.

The head department-The candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Berdiyeva Mukarrama Anvarovna.

There are 1 doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, 7 senior teachers and 1 teacher in the department. Russian language is taught for groups studying in Uzbek, Russian and English.
Studies are carried out at the first year in the form of a practical training on the approved schedule according to the study program (Syllabus) which includes the sections of Russian necessary for formation of theoretical and practical skills of students. Teachers of department prepared training materials which are placed in the Moodle system.

The faculty of department effectively uses innovative educational technologies on the occupations.

At the department multiple-choice questions are developed for carrying out the midterm and final exams.

Teachers of department conduct work with students on formation and development of skills of the speech in their professional activity and also spiritual and educational work on studying of works by writers and poets.

The department has planned organizing a scientific and practical conference, scientific seminars and trainings concerning a technique of teaching Russian and the publication of theses and articles in scientific magazines with a high impact-a factor and Scopus.
On March 27, 2020 there will be the Republican scientific practical conference “Modern problems of philology and a technique of teaching languages: questions of the theory and practice” and invitation of foreign specialists to the conference. According to materials of a conference the collection of scientific theses will be published.
For expeditious and high-quality preparation and execution of documents, record keeping according to the existing rules and instructions the folders – registers are created in the department.


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Tourism Department was established in 2019 based on the order of the Rector of Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent. Since September 2019, M.I. Isakdjanova has been working as the Head of Tourism Department. In  2019-2020 academic year, the department offers the following 11 undergraduate courses like “Introduction to Tourism”, “Culture Tourism”, “Image making”, “Tourism Law” and “Tourism Document Processing”, “Introduction to Hotel service”, “Tourism Marketing” and others in 3 languages: English, Russian and Uzbek. Currently there are 11 lecturers in the department who are master’s and doctoral teachers studied at prestigious institutes and foreign universities. Three of them are full-time teachers and 7 of them are part-time teachers.Specialties taught by department:Bachelor’s Degree:1. Tourism (by activity)2. Hotel and Food Service Management3. Air Service ManagementIn addition, the teachers of the department organized consultative hours to improve the learning process and increase the scientific potential of the students, to help students solve problems in the educational process, to seek information, to understand and critically exemplary scientific papers, articles in order to develop the knowledge and skills needed for future course and diploma writing.Teachers working in the department:

  1. Meyliyev Nurbek
  2. Isakdjanova Munojat
  3. Babajanova Lola
  4. Muhammadiyeva Munira
  5. Tulyaganova Shirin
  6. Tulyaganova Aziza
  7. Xabibullayev Abduboriy
  8. Kurbanov Mahmud
  9. Atajanov Hamdambek
  10. Dustov Ulu’bek
  11. Djumayev Alisher

Head of tourism academic direction: Isakdjanova Munojat Inogomovna

Muhammadiyeva Munira

Babajanova Lola

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