Сonference on the theme “Perspectives of Higher Education Development in the Republic of Uzbekistan”

On 21th December of this year, the annual HEREs conference on the theme “Perspectives of Higher Education Development in the Republic of Uzbekistan” was held at the Yeoju Technical institute in Tashkent.
The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, the National Office of Erasmus +, HEREs, project coordinators, teachers, doctoral students and students.
For reference: The main task of the National Team of Higher Education Experts (Higher Education Reform Experts-HEREs), created with the support of the Tempus / Erasmus + program, is dissemination of information on the development of the Republic’s higher education system, as well as on the progress of the Bologna process experience in 48 participating countries.
The main objectives of the Bologna process: expanding access to higher education, further improving the quality and attractiveness of European higher education, increasing the mobility of students and teachers, as well as providing employment for university graduates through labor market-oriented curricula, academic degrees and qualifications.
During the conference topical issues in development of higher education, innovative approaches, master classes for doctoral students, teachers, project coordinators for developing projects, writing research papers, dissertations, as well as access to scientific and educational information of analytical systems, global electronic publishing houses magazines were discussed.