On February 17, Kamran Gulamov, executive director at Akfa Group, delivered a guest lecture to the students. The lecture was devoted to the transformation of business processes and was held in a round table format. The speaker spoke not only about what technological innovations that help а company to maintain its leading position in the market, but also what principles should be adhered to by any company that wants to have an advantage over its competitors. During the panel discussions, the head of the company gave the students professional adviсes and shared his own experience of a career building.
We recall that an agreement was signed between the company and the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent, which includes multidisciplinary cooperation in the field of training professional specialists. Also, a roadmap has been set to implement the goals and objectives of the agreement, which implies familiarizing students with the production processes at the company's factories, allocating grants for gifted students of the institute, internships, and the establishment of research laboratories in the institute. So, more than 120 students have already visited the largest factories of the company within the framework of an industrial field trip. Also, the company has announced a contest for 10 scholarships. Currently, students are actively applying for the scholarships. In the next phase, students will be selected for internship in the company's structural units. Thus, the company initiates great opportunities for students to prove themselves, get incentives and build a career.